Maine Brews

During our brief visit to Maine, for nearly everyone involved, trying the local brews became a daily ritual. Whether it meant sipping from small glasses off a pub flight or downing a full bottle at the house while playing boardgames, sighting “Maine” on the label was a prerequisite. While several beers were had (to say the least), Zach deemed a few as noteworthy. Here’s what he thought of some of Maine’s local brews: Continue reading

Chicken & Waffles

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When it comes to our weekly grocery haul, we’re pretty good at planning out a week’s worth of meals prior to making our shopping list to ensure we buy only ‘what we need/will use.’ The exception occurs when we come home from a vacation and have to replenish the fridge completely. Continue reading

Friday Postscript


{ a guide to the perfect martini }

I made the most out of this workweek by sandwiching it with two trips to our local coffee shop for [what felt like] an indulgent latte. My morning routine typically involves getting up earlier than I really have to just to brew a fresh pot and sit at the computer catching up on my newsfeed. By foregoing the coffee and computer time, I got much needed extra snoozing and started the workdays with a fresh attitude.

This weekend, Z and I have plans to go to our first Orioles game of the season. Until now, weekends had either threatening forecasts or prior engagements that didn’t make well for trip up to Camden Yards. While, I won’t be sipping on some of my favorite ballpark brews, I’m sure I can find, as Zach says, a nice coney hawtdawg that’s nearly as satisfying.

Have a great weekend!


{ some of the world’s best food markets }


{ beer goggles apparently have a utilitarian side effect  }

x Natasha

The Salty Dog


Without alcohol, a virgin drink easily becomes just a glass of fruit juice. As someone who always looked forward to an after-work cocktail, fruit juice just doesn’t cut it. To make my mocktails taste more ‘adult,’ my go-to ingredients have been aromatic bitters and something unexpected. Continue reading

Pain au Chocolat


There are few things that I am capable of giving my undivided attention: a new episode of Game of Thrones, an enthralling book, and baked goods. Typically, when I bake it’s an easy process requiring the mixing of dry ingredients with the wet, sticking the batter or dough into the oven, and moving onto something else until the timer screams for me. When I found myself with a free day last week—meaning all six boys were out of the house—I took advantage of it. Continue reading