Friday Postscript

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{ gadgets for serious wine picnicking }

Despite an unanticipated sick day making my short workweek a day shorter, I’m still looking forward to the weekend. Since I’m not feeling 100 percent, I can’t say that there’s a lot of activity on the books other than a “farewell dinner” for Zach’s colleague at one of our favorite local restaurants. Continue reading

Friday Postscript


{ a guide to the perfect martini }

I made the most out of this workweek by sandwiching it with two trips to our local coffee shop for [what felt like] an indulgent latte. My morning routine typically involves getting up earlier than I really have to just to brew a fresh pot and sit at the computer catching up on my newsfeed. By foregoing the coffee and computer time, I got much needed extra snoozing and started the workdays with a fresh attitude.

This weekend, Z and I have plans to go to our first Orioles game of the season. Until now, weekends had either threatening forecasts or prior engagements that didn’t make well for trip up to Camden Yards. While, I won’t be sipping on some of my favorite ballpark brews, I’m sure I can find, as Zach says, a nice coney hawtdawg that’s nearly as satisfying.

Have a great weekend!


{ some of the world’s best food markets }


{ beer goggles apparently have a utilitarian side effect  }

x Natasha

Friday Postscript


{ a beer pairing calendar found while browsing local shops }

This morning Zach and I are wrapping up our short trip to Maine. Driving from Belfast down the coast, we’re going to spend the time we have before our flight to explore Portland. Continue reading

Friday Postscript


{ dining etiquette around the world }

Friday is finally here! We’ll be spending our weekend preparing for an upcoming trip to Maine with some of Zach’s side of the family. From what I hear, we have a full agenda, including a stop at Allagash, and later, a hike to or around Atlantic Brewing Company. I’m looking forward to exploring an unfamiliar state, relaxing for long stretches on a porch with a book, and taking an afternoon to go watch Me Before You (undoubtedly blubbering throughout). Continue reading

Friday Postscript


{ a guide to flour }

In addition to it simply being the weekend (a cause for slow mornings and waffles), Zach and I are celebrating the end of his undergraduate career. We’re taking the opportunity to scope out a new (to us) restaurant in one of our neighboring cities–hopefully somewhere with a mocktail a bit better than soda water or sweet and sour mix minus the tequila. Continue reading