Gonzo Brownies


Zach first tried Flying Dog’s Gonzo Imperial Porter only a few weeks ago when he paired it with our chicken and waffle dinner. As mentioned in that post, the beer is heavy with distinct coffee and chocolate flavors, and not suitable for summer time drinking.

However, those elements make the beer perfect for an anytime rich dessert. Continue reading

Patriotic Scones


In tradition of celebrating our country’s freedom with barbecues and fireworks, we Americans have also took to incorporating our flag into our food. Instead of going the typical cherry pie or strawberry cake route, I made scones that were equally patriotic, but not so much that they would be out style come July 5th. Continue reading

Pain au Chocolat


There are few things that I am capable of giving my undivided attention: a new episode of Game of Thrones, an enthralling book, and baked goods. Typically, when I bake it’s an easy process requiring the mixing of dry ingredients with the wet, sticking the batter or dough into the oven, and moving onto something else until the timer screams for me. When I found myself with a free day last week—meaning all six boys were out of the house—I took advantage of it. Continue reading

Our 9 Entertaining Essentials


Z and I love to entertain small groups of friends. Sometimes we host full course dinners, but more often than not we will have a board game night complete with drinks and “grown-up” snacks that don’t require additional plates or even two hands. Since these nights can be rather impromptu, there are several items that I consider essential and therefore have on hand to make any occasion a party. Continue reading

Rosemary Crockpot Bread


Right before I was set to bake a friend’s baby shower cake, our oven went on the fritz. Despite our efforts to have it repaired over the past two months, it remains a cold, unused appliance—daunting us whenever we crave something warm and crisp. Z and I have grown accustom to preparing meals solely on stovetop and in the crockpot, and recently started to become rather inventive in order to recreate the baked fares we missed. Continue reading