The Salty Dog


Without alcohol, a virgin drink easily becomes just a glass of fruit juice. As someone who always looked forward to an after-work cocktail, fruit juice just doesn’t cut it. To make my mocktails taste more ‘adult,’ my go-to ingredients have been aromatic bitters and something unexpected. Continue reading

Pain au Chocolat


There are few things that I am capable of giving my undivided attention: a new episode of Game of Thrones, an enthralling book, and baked goods. Typically, when I bake it’s an easy process requiring the mixing of dry ingredients with the wet, sticking the batter or dough into the oven, and moving onto something else until the timer screams for me. When I found myself with a free day last week—meaning all six boys were out of the house—I took advantage of it. Continue reading

Brats & Pierogies


As mentioned in a previous post, we’ve been all about quick meals to balance our busier-than-usual work schedules. Over the weekend, we made a dish of ready-made sauerkraut perogies and German bratwursts. Both items only required a few minutes in boiling water, but we took it up a notch by browning the boiled pierogi and fresh brats in butter, and then roasting the latter in the oven until heated thoroughly. Continue reading

Ginger Beer x Two


Along with sparkling water, another non-alcoholic drink we always keep on hand is ginger beer. (You may have spotted a few bottles in a recent post). Zach introduced me to Maine Root years ago, and after trying several other brands, it is undoubtedly my favorite. The ginger ‘brew’ is spicy and very gingery, without the floating bits to convince you so. Continue reading

Salmon Sliders


There is no doubt that Z and I enjoy cooking at home, but there are some nights (i.e., after a long work day) where we would rather opt for our usual take-out order or a simple, quick fix dinner. In one case, we’re spending money and not using our groceries; in the other, dinner becomes a repetitive goulash of sorts. Continue reading