Agua Fresca


Agua fresca, translated as fresh waters, is a simple concoction of fruit, water, and some sugar. Easy and refreshing, it’s a popular beverage in hot climates. Now that the temperatures here are easily in the 90s on a daily basis, a cool and subtly sweet drink is a must. Continue reading

Maine Brews

During our brief visit to Maine, for nearly everyone involved, trying the local brews became a daily ritual. Whether it meant sipping from small glasses off a pub flight or downing a full bottle at the house while playing boardgames, sighting “Maine” on the label was a prerequisite. While several beers were had (to say the least), Zach deemed a few as noteworthy. Here’s what he thought of some of Maine’s local brews: Continue reading

The Salty Dog


Without alcohol, a virgin drink easily becomes just a glass of fruit juice. As someone who always looked forward to an after-work cocktail, fruit juice just doesn’t cut it. To make my mocktails taste more ‘adult,’ my go-to ingredients have been aromatic bitters and something unexpected. Continue reading

Ginger Beer x Two


Along with sparkling water, another non-alcoholic drink we always keep on hand is ginger beer. (You may have spotted a few bottles in a recent post). Zach introduced me to Maine Root years ago, and after trying several other brands, it is undoubtedly my favorite. The ginger ‘brew’ is spicy and very gingery, without the floating bits to convince you so. Continue reading

Watermelon Cucumber Slush


Z and I recently returned from a trip to Walt Disney World. With minimal crowds and sufferable temperatures (speaking as a Northern Californian), the destination provided a much-needed break from all obligations. Having never been, we spent our waking hours touring all the parks while eating any and all tempting treats. Memorably, one of my favorites came in slush form. Continue reading