Gonzo Brownies


Zach first tried Flying Dog’s Gonzo Imperial Porter only a few weeks ago when he paired it with our chicken and waffle dinner. As mentioned in that post, the beer is heavy with distinct coffee and chocolate flavors, and not suitable for summer time drinking.

However, those elements make the beer perfect for an anytime rich dessert. Continue reading

Agua Fresca


Agua fresca, translated as fresh waters, is a simple concoction of fruit, water, and some sugar. Easy and refreshing, it’s a popular beverage in hot climates. Now that the temperatures here are easily in the 90s on a daily basis, a cool and subtly sweet drink is a must. Continue reading

Patriotic Scones


In tradition of celebrating our country’s freedom with barbecues and fireworks, we Americans have also took to incorporating our flag into our food. Instead of going the typical cherry pie or strawberry cake route, I made scones that were equally patriotic, but not so much that they would be out style come July 5th. Continue reading

Maine Brews

During our brief visit to Maine, for nearly everyone involved, trying the local brews became a daily ritual. Whether it meant sipping from small glasses off a pub flight or downing a full bottle at the house while playing boardgames, sighting “Maine” on the label was a prerequisite. While several beers were had (to say the least), Zach deemed a few as noteworthy. Here’s what he thought of some of Maine’s local brews: Continue reading

Chicken & Waffles

CW1 Text

When it comes to our weekly grocery haul, we’re pretty good at planning out a week’s worth of meals prior to making our shopping list to ensure we buy only ‘what we need/will use.’ The exception occurs when we come home from a vacation and have to replenish the fridge completely. Continue reading