Happy Valentine’s Day


I’m sure during my teenage-angst years, any boyfriend I may have had probably felt the typical pressures associated with Valentine’s Day; thankfully now that I’m older, I’m happy to consider today a day to simply celebrate any love in your life just aΒ tad bit more than usual. (Read: no pressure).

For the years we’ve been together, Zach and I elevate our typical date night by adding a small gift exchange ($20 or less!) and a bottle of champagne. We avoid the restaurants by making a picnic on the living room floor after retiring baby boy to his nursery, and put away our phones to ensure our attention is focused on one another (or the movie that we’ve commited ourselves to).


C’s Valentine’s Day class party added to today’s festivities by way of themed mini muffins and treats for his teachers.


I hope you spent today with someone, anyone that you love!



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