Gonzo Brownies


Zach first tried Flying Dog’s Gonzo Imperial Porter only a few weeks ago when he paired it with our chicken and waffle dinner. As mentioned in that post, the beer is heavy with distinct coffee and chocolate flavors, and not suitable for summer time drinking.

However, those elements make the beer perfect for an anytime rich dessert.

I’ve made brownies with beer before using lighter stouts similar to Guinness, but the flavor would become lost amidst the dark chocolate and browned butter. ‘Beer brownies’ seemed no more special than those made traditionally with milk.


Gonzo Imperial Porter became the exception. Throughout the baking process, its fragrance filled the house and continued to do until the stack of soft, gooey brownies met its inevitable fate.

Of course, the baking process eliminated the alcohol content, but happily, the unmistakable taste of the porter stood its ground.


For the recipe, I used Claire Thomas’ from the Kitchy Kitchen. The slight variations made included substituting 70% dark chocolate for the melted semi-sweet; and later, brushing approximately 1/3 cup of porter on top of the brownies as they cooled.


x Natasha

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