Maine Brews

During our brief visit to Maine, for nearly everyone involved, trying the local brews became a daily ritual. Whether it meant sipping from small glasses off a pub flight or downing a full bottle at the house while playing boardgames, sighting “Maine” on the label was a prerequisite. While several beers were had (to say the least), Zach deemed a few as noteworthy. Here’s what he thought of some of Maine’s local brews:



{ waterfront brewing co. }

Despite my tendency to choose bitter over fruity beer, this summer shandy from Waterfront Brewing (Shipyard) was surprisingly right up my alley. It wasn’t as sweet as the popular Leinenkugel’s, but it’s just as refreshing—even without adding a slice of lemon. Light in alcohol (4.4% ABV) and with mild hoppy-ness, this was one of my go-to’s when spending the afternoon outdoors with my brothers.



{ funky bow brewery & beer co. }

Though we were in Maine, I had to represent my family’s Texas roots. I no doubt picked up So Folkin Hoppy because it 1) was an IPA and 2) fit the family theme. The can design promises a jam session kind of night. Compared to your average IPA, this beer is slightly bitterer and thinner. I agree with reviewers that it had a piney, earthy undertone with little sweetness, but overall, I found it to be well balanced.

P.S. While there were no jam sessions (thanks for nothing, can), it accompanied a few intense rounds of Wahoo, our family board game of choice.



{ maine beer co. }

I’ll admit that off the Drouthy Bear’s beer list, Peeper wasn’t my first choice. I had my eye set on the Thornbridge Jaipur IPA, but chose last minute to stay local (England isn’t quite that). To pair with the Scottish style meal of haggis pie and chips, I wanted something that was a neither heavy nor too light. Though not as bitter as I like, Peeper, an American Pale Ale, gave off a generous dose of hops while leaving my palate clean so that I could fully enjoy my plate of savory pudding.



{ maine beer co. }

Before heading the airport, we stopped in Old Port for lunch and perused the streets for a short while. In a discreet cobblestone alley, my brother walked into an even more discreet pub that was both small and welcoming to check out their draft menu. Written in chalk, of course, their selection was overflowing with variety (including prosecco, on tap! Sorry, Tash). At the bartender’s suggestion, I got Maine Beer Co.’s Lunch IPA. You’re looking at an ale that’s been reviewed over 700 times on Beer Advocate, and is only comparable to the best West Coast-style brews. It holds a “world class” rating on Beer Advocate, and I’d rank it above Dogfish Head’s 60 Minute, but just below my personal favorite Ballast Point’s Sculpin.
– Zach

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