Chicken & Waffles

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When it comes to our weekly grocery haul, we’re pretty good at planning out a week’s worth of meals prior to making our shopping list to ensure we buy only ‘what we need/will use.’ The exception occurs when we come home from a vacation and have to replenish the fridge completely. What we usually end up with is stocked drawers of fruits and veggies, a stack of proteins, and our snacking go-tos. Without ‘proper planning,’ by the end of the week we find ourselves left with hodge-podge dinners options.

The other day, we had plenty of eggs, chicken that needed to be used, and not a whole lot else. Without bacon, the idea of ‘breakfast for dinner’ fell short until Zach suggested chicken and waffles. I married the right guy.


I used this simple, and highly reviewed, waffle recipe and contrarily got creative with the chicken. I preheated the oven, planning to make “faux-fried,” and then came to my senses. I made a breading mix of flour and spices that fit similar flavor profiles—chipotle, cayenne, and red chili pepper. Instead of using egg to coat the chicken before flouring, I used some of the waffle batter (in a separate dish than that for the waffles) that ultimately gave the chicken a fluffy, yet crispy coating when fried.

Chicken & Waffles
Serves 4

Waffle batter, set aside ¾ cup in shallow bowl
4 thin chicken breasts, halved
2 cups flour
1 TB salt, plus dashes for coating
1 TB pepper
3-4 TB seasoning of your choice (I used a TB of each of the spices above)
1 cup vegetable oil
Syrup of choice (suggested: traditional maple or bourbon)
4 eggs, fried
4 TB cilantro, optional

Make waffles as per the recipe. Yield at least two large waffles, then halve for 4 servings.

Heat the oil in cast iron skillet to 350°. Combine the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. Coat each piece of chicken in waffle batter, coat in flour mixture, carefully place in heated oil. Flip and fry until both sides are golden brown. Place on wire rack or paper towels to cool slightly.

Stack waffles and chicken, top with syrup, 1 fried egg, and 1 TB cilantro.* Enjoy.

* A friend recommended shredded cheddar cheese! Let us know what you think.


With chicken and waffles in mind, Zach picked up Flying Dog’s Gonzo Imperial Porter. This dark-as-oil porter carries very distinct roasted coffee and chocolate flavor notes that, while high in alcohol (9.2%), paired incredibly well with the sweet & spicy breakfast-esque meal. Since Gonzo is by no means a summer beer Z can foresee himself enjoying basking in the sun, I’m looking for recipes to include this beer, using it to its full potential.


x Natasha


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