Brats & Pierogies


As mentioned in a previous post, we’ve been all about quick meals to balance our busier-than-usual work schedules. Over the weekend, we made a dish of ready-made sauerkraut perogies and German bratwursts. Both items only required a few minutes in boiling water, but we took it up a notch by browning the boiled pierogi and fresh brats in butter, and then roasting the latter in the oven until heated thoroughly.


After a quick search for an appropriate sauce or topping for sauerkraut pierogies, I walked away with two options: sour cream or applesauce. Both sounded good—I will admit I was skeptical of applesauce—so I thought, ‘Why not both?’ Combined with browned butter and salt, the sour cream and applesauce became a creamy, subtly sweet blend that surprisingly complimented both the texture and flavor of the polish dumplings.

Apple & Sour Cream Sauce

1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup apple sauce (without cinnamon)
1 TB melted, browned butter
dash of salt

Mix all ingredients and refrigerate until ready to use.

Serve the pierogies topped with sauce and lay the brats on a bed of red cabbage, sauerkraut, and stone ground mustard. Best served very warm.


In my mind, a meal consisting of bratwurst, pickled cabbages, and mustard instinctively calls for hefeweizen. Zach not being a fan of the style opted for a summer shandy—a beer that has the haziness of a wheat beer, mixed with sweet carbonated citrus juice or ginger ale.


He picked up UFOs Big Squeeze Shandy by Harpoon Brewery hoping that its citrus flavor would mimic that of a hefe. Having grapefruit as its base, the Big Squeeze was overwhelming tart and failed to properly balance the meal. While it wasn’t an overall bad pairing (and definitely not a bad beer), Zach and I agreed that a traditional hefeweizen served with an orange peel would have been a better choice.


x Natasha

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