Friday Postscript


{ dining etiquette around the world }

Friday is finally here! We’ll be spending our weekend preparing for an upcoming trip to Maine with some of Zach’s side of the family. From what I hear, we have a full agenda, including a stop at Allagash, and later, a hike to or around Atlantic Brewing Company. I’m looking forward to exploring an unfamiliar state, relaxing for long stretches on a porch with a book, and taking an afternoon to go watch Me Before You (undoubtedly blubbering throughout).

If you have any must-see areas, or better, food recommendations along the Maine coast, send them our way!

Have a great weekend.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 5.45.31 AM

{ this girl is all of us }


{ beer & potato night: tried and true }


{ crafting with food }


x Natasha

p.s.s. H&N will be posting on schedule next week.

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