Salmon Sliders


There is no doubt that Z and I enjoy cooking at home, but there are some nights (i.e., after a long work day) where we would rather opt for our usual take-out order or a simple, quick fix dinner. In one case, we’re spending money and not using our groceries; in the other, dinner becomes a repetitive goulash of sorts.

So, when grocery shopping for the week, I was overjoyed to find our store carried a wide selection of almost-ready-made meals; single-serving to family sized portions of fresh protein based meals, spiced and dressed, ready for the oven. In addition to Cajun pork chops and herb & cheese stuffed flank steak, I picked up a pack of salmon slider patties, prepared with parsley and Dijon mustard.

SalmonSlider Collage

Instead of buying a bag of my usual go-to slider rolls (Hawaiian sweet rolls), I used this quick recipe for simple hamburger buns. As the recipe promised, they took little time to prepare and came out of the oven soft and light—the perfect base for our toppings.


We dressed the salmon sliders in a homemade aïoli for creaminess and much needed acidity, and topped them with a granny-smith apple slaw* that added a fresh, sweet crunch.

SalmonSliders Collage 2

Zach paired his meal with Ballast Point’s Mango Even Keel, a session IPA. At 3.8% ABV, it’s a light beer that doesn’t skip on the strong hop flavor you expect from an IPA. The mango is prominent, but not overwhelmingly fruity, making the beer sweet and refreshing like a wheat ale—a great pairing for salmon.


* Quick slaw recipe:
1/2 a granny-smith apple, julienned, marinated for one hour in 1 TB of white wine vinegar and 1 TB of red wine vinegar.

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