Wine & Blackberry Pie(s)


When I’m at the store and see blackberries on sale for fifty cents a pack, there is no better choice than to load up. Granted the berries were on sale because their shelf life was vastly expiring. While there was the simple option to stuff our faces with them over the course of a day or two, I decided to take a different route.


Since it’s just myself and Zach in the house (Lady, too), baking normal batches takes a toll on our sugar intake. Often when I do decided to bake something up, it’s with the intention to take the majority to the office or give to our neighbors. Sometimes, I don’t feel so generous or it’s the weekend and who wants a 3 day old pastries?

I knew that I wanted to cook the berries and wasn’t feeling experimental for jam. Also, there was wine leftover from the previous night — an amount to little to be considered a full glass, but too much for a top off. So alas, wine and blackberry pie.

Long ago, Alton Brown inspired me to make my first handpies. He sold them as homemade Pop-Tart’s or Toaster Strudel’s, and as someone who enjoyed the processed pastry as a kid, but wouldn’t dare touch as an adult, they were perfect for us. You can make as many as your quantity of pie dough allows. I chose to separate my pie dough, giving me three handpies; two for dessert, and one to make sure it was edible. Handpie11 Handpie5

Though I used half the dough, I barely made a dent in the berry filling. To the freezer they went.


Zach’s younger brothers were visiting us for the week and to celebrate their departure, I transformed the frozen goods into a blackberry crumble.

Two delicious pies made of six cups of blackberries, half a cup of wine, and one simple pie dough recipe.


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