Friday Postscript


{ a song to be sung while making these }

Today could not feel anymore like a blessing. It’s been a long week, and as soon as the work day is over Zach and I begin our week long stay-cation. The goal is to spend less time taking care of tedious chores and more time enjoying the surrounding area and relaxing. We have family coming in for a few of those days — two young boys that will make avoiding chores nearly impossible — and the plan is to fit in a quick camping trip and go to a game at Camden Yards. I am predicting that, as usual, I will be needing a vacation from my vacation.

Before we break, check out what we found on the Internet this week:

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.13.26 PM

{ foods to cook for dad this weekend }


{ baked avocados of Instagram | above: @pham_bot }


{ a documentary that will not fail to increase your appreciation for food }

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 9.07.16 PM

{ craft beer has made its mark, and it’s not slowing down }


Have a great weekend!



PS: There will not be posts next week!

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