Lobster Salad on Cheddar Biscuits


Just like croissants, biscuits are one of those variations of bread that can transform a sandwich. While it could be  classical conditioning sponsored by Pillsbury, the thought of them makes my mouth water. So many flakes of buttery goodness. Psychology experiments aside, I am simply not someone who likes baked goods from a can; I prefer to make it myself. Yet, I’ve gone many years forgetting to buy a biscuit cutter, and the resourceful method of using a clean tuna can doesn’t appeal to me. What’s the solution to this quandary? Drop biscuits — be without a cutter, and have your biscuits too.


I haven’t had them myself, but I’ve known people to rave about Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits. I can’t imagine that they’re any better than what we made ourselves.


{ substituted cornmeal for polenta  }

Speaking of lobster, the original plan was to make a smoked ham salad. While at the store, I stopped at the salad bar to pick up celery (why buy a bunch if I only need a stalk or two?) and saw a premade lobster salad. The plan changed since lobster sounds better than ham on any day. Rather than load up on the premade salad, I bought only a cup or so. To that I added diced celery, carrots, cabbage, and plain greek yogurt — this more than doubled the batch. The additional volume dulled the original flavor, which allowed me to build it up again with dill and Old Bay.


Looking through our current beer stock, the pairing was simple — Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin. For me, ‘fruit beers’ are typically hit or miss. Without adding more flavor (i.e., an orange to a Blue Moon or lemon to Summer Shandy), the flavor in most fruit beers is either lost or tastes artificial. Yet, this IPA tastes as if you took a Ballast Point IPA and squeezed fresh grapefruit juice into the glass.

This citrus twisted beer and lobster salad biscuit combination is a definite taste of summer.

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