Root Beer Floats, Hold the Root

BFGroup_TextThe other weekend, my gym held a ‘competition’ that consisted of lifting heavy things, pushing them to and fro, and jumping onto them with a bit of running around. Like any race or fitness event I pay to participate in, there was beer at the finish line (that’s the point of working out in the first place, right?). Unfortunately, the beer seemed to be an afterthought or barely one at all since our options were: Bud Light Platinum, Miller Lite, or cider. Granted it was just after 10am and “normal people” still have coffee on their mind — but not me. I was covered in salt, a mess from the humidity and rain, and ready to squash my fitness efforts with something a bit more flavor dense.

At a recent visit to our local farmer’s market, Z picked up a locally brewed root beer float and there was immediate nostalgia with the first taste. “Why don’t we ever make these?” To be honest, ice cream typically isn’t my thing unless it’s paired with something (or living in a 1:5 ratio with Cold Stone ‘fixins’).” However, every once in awhile, there needs to be some in my life.

So, with having a beer craving and ice cream on my mind, the beer float made it’s way to the H&N kitchen.



While aesthetically the results were so-so, the flavor was definitely there. Choosing the pairings was as simple as deciding what flavor combinations usually work in an ice cream shop. In this case we kept it simple with vanilla & chocolate with a cherry on top, and dark chocolate cherry.

[small confession, I thought the Kriek Lambic was raspberry at the time of purchase]

Since it had been a hot minute since I made any type of float myself, my first batch was a miss. Not-too-unfortunately, the beer overwhelmed the ice cream. So, when you decide to try this yourself, do not skimp on the ice cream*.

Need more inspiration? Here are a few other flavor combinations to try:


* Did we really have to tell you that?

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