Friday Postscript

Nothing really perks up your mood like a four-day work week that leads to a four-day weekend, which causes another four-day work week to follow — I hope that’s the schedule for most of you as well. Without this time off, my to-do list surely would have suffered tremendously.

These next couple of days are nearly as packed as they can be with chores and several celebrations; from hosting my first baby shower, to toasting to my and Z’s one year wedding anniversary, and then taking time to honor our fallen heroes with a short trip to Annapolis. To cap off our weekend will be the first barbecue of the summer season.

Please note that this long weekend is not solely about barbecues, drinks in the sun, or blow-out retail sales… There are plenty of bad things happening in the world, and while it’s easy to ignore what happens afar, respect those who could not turn a blind eye. Remember those who served.

Lastly, before we break, check out our latest Internet finds:


{ Happy 35th Birthday, Pac-Man! }


{ Ultimate First World Problem — Prosecco Shortage }


{ How did you make this possible, Beth Galton? }

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 5.33.33 PM

{ Excellent find, just in time for summer }

Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!



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