Friday Postscript


{ I had no idea this existed until very, very recently }

While the hours in the days have flown by, the weekend just wasn’t able to get here soon enough — three days in a row I would have sworn it was Thursday. Nevertheless, we have finally reached the moment of TGIF. This week, our time was spent either engaging in a cyber-geek event or preparing for an athletic one this weekend. More entertainingly, we chose what signature cocktails we wanted to claim as household customs, proceeded by picking up the items needed to restock the H&N bar accordingly. We rewarded our earnest efforts with a Hairy Sunrise; a tasty drink with a not-so-pretty name.

Before we break for the weekend, check out our latest Internet finds:


Z’s stomping grounds now permit the use of growlers

Screen Shot 2015-05-14 at 5.42.04 PM

Sandra Lee is dubbed ‘Lush Lagoon


An artist teases your appetite with paper.


A few more reasons to love London.

Have a great weekend!



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