When Butter Isn’t Enough


Z and I have unashamedly, for the most part, devoted many days worth of time toward watching our favorite shows; including what I dub a record-setting binge of Game of Thrones (2.5 seasons in roughly 3 days). Typically, when a series or a season ends, I’m thankful for the abounding free time I suddenly acquire; but of course, the premiere of a favorite is always warmly welcomed. It enhances conversations, builds bonds, and lets your friends see your dark side when they dare to talk during a dialogue (or admittedly, the opening credits). For anyone who succumbs to the long hours that a series binge requires, the struggle of hunger and not wanting to leave the couch is familiar. To ensure you have strength for just one more episode, take this opportunity to step up your snacking game.


{ 1  || 2 || 3 }

Many will agree that popcorn is the ultimate mindless-eating snack; the bites are small joys of butter and salt, but unfortunately finished quickly and soon forgotten. A possible solution to this dilemma is to add some peculiar ingredients to the mix.

1 || Sriracha & Lime that should be accompanied with wet wipes if you intend on touching your eyes anytime after eating.

2 || Brown Ale Caramel Corn that is well worth the labor and patience involved.

3 || Honey & Sea Salt that will have you consider smuggling honey in your bag next time you go to the theatre.


Note: While these variations are sure to add memorable flavor, the rate of consumption may likely not be slowed.


One thought on “When Butter Isn’t Enough

  1. Mrs. Nosh,

    I absolutely love Sriracha!! Thank you for spicing up an already zazzling episode of Game of Thrones!

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