Meatball Marinara


When it comes to a classic spaghetti and meatball dish, I have yet to master the art of allowing the two work in a perfect harmony; the meatball is either so-so or so good that it leaves the spaghetti noodle to be an ignored element.So, to save myself the step of boiling water, I forewent the pasta and focused solely on the cheese laden meatball. Substituting half the protein with a rich ground pork, and opting to use fresh herbs and roasted garlic, these meatballs embodied enough considerable authentic Italian flavors that the pasta deficit went unnoticed.


{Dogfish Head Red & White}

The meal was paired with a limited ale by Dogfish Head, Red & White; white Belgian ale, or witbier, fermented with red wine. The subtle tones of pinot noir let this beer be an adequate substitute for the traditional red wine pairing. According to Dogfish Head, the idea for this brew came to be during a beer and wine dinner. My only assumption is that there was some inebriated mixing of the two toward the end of the meal. Truth be told that although this beer is delicious, it is no match for an aged red paired with a bowl of fresh pasta al dente.


{parmesan garlic bread to soak up marinara}


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