Mimosa Alternatives


{ 1 || 2 || 3 }

It may go without saying that Sunday brunch is one of the most looked forward to meals of the week. Without effort, brunch is a meal that becomes a savored event. It is a time with friends where drinking before noon is acceptable and no one thinks twice about ordering beignets or extra hollandaise sauce.
The heart of any brunch-fare is the classic mimosa; typically preferred bottomless or served in a pitcher. While the combination of orange juice and champagne is a classic pour, sometimes it’s worth it to change it up.

1 || Get with the elderberry craze with this instant favorite of mine. Simply add a dash of St. Germain liqueur to cold prosecco. Petals are optional.

2 || This is a drink that serves dessert at the end. Omit the orange juice, and pour champagne over a scoop of sorbet. By your last few sips, the champagne will have a creamy, fruity finish.

3 || For those who would rather pop a cap than a cork, make the swap for a dry cider beer to mix with a bit of fresh orange juice. Voilà, la cidermosa.



Lastly, gather friends, let your preferred music streamer be the DJ, and enjoy your Sunday.


alternative spellings permitted.


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