Cheese Paired with Pears


You’ll come to find out quickly that Z and I don’t often shy away from carbs. However, when it comes to eating behavior, I tend follow some European guidelines and go easy on the bread when necessary. With BLT’s on the menu for dinner, we made a simple cheese plate for our appetizer. Each of the three cheeses were distinct in both texture and flavor, used to either spread on crisp, thick-sliced pears drizzled with honey, or noshed on its own.

Paired with the creamy fare was a sparkling mead we picked up during our most recent visit to California. We were told about this meadery when visiting another a bit closer to home. The mead maker was a frequent Napa traveler and swore by Hiedrun’s unique twist on the medieval drink. This particular mead is subtly made of alfalfa and clover blossom honey. The taste and finish is both dry and sweet with notable effervescence.



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