Breakfast for Dinner


For whatever reason, when I’m stuck in limbo of craving a home-cooked meal and not wanting to actually do much cooking, I turn to making breakfast for dinner. Since my go-to breakfast cereal doesn’t pair well with a cold beer, I’m assuming, I went with another favorite; bacon and eggs.

With a shared love for puff pastry and eating things that resemble pizza, this breakfast pastry was an easy choice (aside from getting the eggs to stay put, the trickiest part of the recipe is remembering to take the dough out of the freezer to thaw). For self control purposes, I used the recipe to make two personal pastries rather than one large dish for two people. The runny yolks, thick crisp bacon, and the warm melted cheese definitely made for a meal worth repeating; breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Note: if you do not have crème fraîche on hand (or forget to buy it, like I did), cream cheese works just as well.

This dish was paired with Ommegang’s Witte, a wheat ale that served a lot of citrus flavor. The idea behind this choice was to imitate juice normally served with breakfast. Made with orange peel and coriander, the refreshing beer was both sweet and malty. My recommendation would be to drink a pint with your meal al fresco on a warm day.


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